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Runtravel Marathon- en Loopreizen

RUNTRAVEL heeft inmiddels meer dan 10 jaar ervaring inhet organiseren van Marathon- en loopreizen. Bij ons werken ervaren professionals uit de reiswereld gecombineerd met ervaren lopers/trainers

Beste Tarieven Arrangementen

RUNTRAVEL biedt concurerende prijzen aan. Op de bestemmingen organiseren we infomeetings (bij > 25 personen). Lopers en begeleiders zullen ter plekke begeleid worden. Voor onze lopers en supporters organiseren we onze eigen Pasta- en After Party’s. Een mooie gelegenheid om ervaringen uit te wisselen.

We organize for our travel participants (runners & supporters) or own “Pasta Partys & After Partys”. Nice gathering with the RUNTRAVEL participants. So you will meet other runners and maybe new friends. At the destination the RUNTRAVEL hosts will be standby 24 hours. If there is a problem or you will have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact them!

RUNTRAVEL also offers group packages and individually customized travel arrangements.

RUNTRAVEL has at the moment offices in Germany, Spain, The Netherlands, Canada & the USA. So we can get the best hotel rates and share our knowledge and experiences with and from different countries.

We try to inform our guests as good as possible and are always willing to answer your questions and live up to your wishes.

Every runner will receive an information package about the chosen Marathon Travel. This package will be sent by email. We always recommend to read this info carefully, it consists all the info you need to know for your travel and the info about the Marathon you will participate in.

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